Tuesday, August 18, 2015

This Radio Show Host Rare Diese

It's no secret that life is hard, I would say that 90% of people are struggling to make it. While the other 10% are not even going to try. While many of us are looking for inspirations and comparing ourselves to famous people, I would like to take a moment to point out someone who has all odds against her and she still continuing to push. . Her name Is Michelle Padilla and this her story.

Can you tell me a little about yourself.

I am currently diagnosed with 22Q. The doctors knew I had it at a younger age but didn't tell me or my parents because they wanted me to succeed.I found out at a later age of my life.  This disease is rare, only 1 in 1,000 people are diagnosed with it.  My mom and I think I got it by accident because she doesn’t have it in her genes We think its in the environment. Unfortunately there is no cure. We are still trying to learn more about it. I remember being younger having a lot of limitations and school was one of those I pursue school even though it took me a lot longer than most.

With your limitations how were you able  to push through

My dad doesn’t believe in the phrase "I can’t" He is constantly pushing me to the next level and always trying to help me. I had support from my friends,and they were the reason I was able to start my radio show. I had a lot of doubts, but my friends were very supportive and the stations managers has helped me as well. 
Can you tell me about your Radio Show?
My show is an awareness show. I am constantly trying to promote causes and chairties looking for help. Live guest are alwas welcomed . I have  had mayor Jim Dear, Ryan Dempster, and Bobby Collins on my show.
Did you have any struggles and how did you overcome?
When I first started my show, I didn’t know how to use all the controls and I was very shy. My dad would listen in and text me to talk more. I also would stutter a lot and would have a hard time. The station manager Steven would constantly tell me how to improve and offer advice to make the show better.
It would appear that you handle criticism quite well?
Yes, I learn just to deal with it because I am actually used to it.  I used to get picked on when I was younger because of my illness, other students would call me names, So I just learn to tune them out. I also had a father who was always trying to help me improve, so that helps a lot.

For anyone interested getting updates about her show, check it out here

Monday, July 20, 2015

What jewelry piece should be in your closet

The winner is....the Stud Earring

Crystal  Stud  Earring

Stud earrings are very important to building a versatile jewelry wardrobe. They can turn any outfit very chic or they can make any outfit very casual.
The best stud earrings are rhodium-plated  or stainless steels. The great thing about  stud earring is that they come in different shapes, patterns,designs and metals.

Classic stud earring

My own personal  favorite  stud are the classic pearl studs because I feel like they bring a certain elegance to an outfit.
 The best classic stud earring should be a decent stainless steel because it's non-corresive.This  entails that it will last longer. These are great for any type of formal gathering or elegant  event.

Building a new wardrobe is very exciting,but it doesn't have to be expensive.  Check out the jewelry store

Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Five tips for finals week

This year I decided to handle my finals week a little bit differently. In the past I would blow up my social media with how much I hated finals week and swear never to go through it again. I would cry, almost have heart attack, and than promise to do better next year. So lets just say its never ending cycle and I really never do better. So like many of college peers, I feel procrastination is apart of the college cycle. With all that being said,  I am here to give you my five tips for finals week...

1. Accept it. I am not talking about just accepting the grade, I am actually talking about accepting that finals is here and that this week is going to be stressful. Don't pay attention to the fact that you are in finals week, pay attention to your classes individually

2. Be proactive. I mean if your failing a class, don't just sit there and hope to get a hundred percent on your final. Talk to your teacher ahead of time and ask is there any possible way to fix your grade. Talk to your advisor about what your options are about the class. If you have a scholarship to worry about, than talk to your financial aid office. You can always appeal your grade, if you truly feel that your were more than qualify for a better grade. Know your options

3. Study. Do not cram. Analyze how much information and what is important information to know. Again do not cram, because your going to overwhelm yourself and most likely forget everything instead of learning what you need to know. 

4. Staying free, During finals week you should keep your schedule empty. That way you have enough time to really study.

My final tip is to breathe. Everything has an end, so don't quit until you have put your all into it. Those are my top tips for finals week, please feel free to share your tips as well. The more we know the more we grow.  

Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Top Four Time Mangement Tricks


So as most of you know I am a full-time college student. Which means time is not on my side and neither is luck. So I have composed of a list of my top four time managment tricks. 

1. Having a schedule.  It would seem some of the most successful people, I have ever met have a calendar or a daily planner. Whether it be to plan out their year, month or day, they have one. They also are very conscious about what they spend most  of their time doing and what they should be cutting out. 

2. Goals. It is so much easier to manage your time if you have goals or deadlilnes. If you give yourself a deadline and follow through with it you will find out things will get done alot faster. 

3. Distractions. This is my favorite because I can get distracted very easily, especially when I have internet. The best way to deal with distractions is to make them minimal. It also really good to make time for your distractions, that way you will have something to looking forward too. If you completely cut them out, it might have a backlash affect, which make it really hard to break away from them eventually. 

4. People.  I would personally like to say, this is a little more trickier. People may always need you around, or you may be a very sociable person. Sometimes you have to tell them that you are busy and you will schedule with them later. It is very important that you follow through with that schedule otherwise than you might mess up the  relationship. 

These are my top four time management skills that I have personally incorporated in my daily life. So far they have been working, but if you have anymore, please feel free to add them in the comment section. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lets talk about financial freedom

           While most of you know, being in college and having   financial freedom is alot more complicated than it seems. It would stand that most will say its nearly impossible. From my own experiences I do not think of it as impossible, but as a struggling goal.

See many of us do not know how money works or understand the foundation to be financially free. The bottom line its just your income minus your expenses. Whatever you have leftover shows you how "free" you really are.

One of the problems is that people like to spend more money than what they bring in. For example if your only making $2,000 a month, but you are spending $3,000 a month than you have a problem. You have to live within your means. This means that savings is very important

Many people will ask well how do I live within my means when I am living paycheck to paycheck. The most simple answer is that  you have to become more of a conscious spender. Writing down everything you spend your money on, will allow you to keep a more accurate budget. If you know what your spending most of your money on, ,it allows you to figure a way to cut cost.

Another problem people have is handling their debts. There is such a negative connotation for debt, but in reality there are somethings that debt is good for. For example, when you are trying to build credit, you have to go into debt, to show that you are good with keeping up with payments. The problems is that people allow their debt to control their lives and sometimes feel overwhelmed about what they owe. This leads them to stop paying their debt, which can build on interest. It always a great idea to try to tackle as much as possible even if it seem like too much.

The last problem that has been brought up to my attention is investments. This could be either things you spend your money on or things you put your money into. Many people will go out and by something expensive, not realizing that they are only making the brand richer. They will invest their money into business opportunities that were not fully sure about, and lose more money than they gain. These are all investment. Don't get me wrong sometimes it does take alot to run a business, and its totally fine to support a brand that you love. My point is that people do this unconciously and spend way more money than they need too. So my advice is to really look into what your putting your money into and what your really trying to get out of it.

Well I am not a financial expert, but I am a financially stable college student. I just wanted to share some tips that I use for my day to day.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Change (inspirational post)

It sort of funny, what directioin life can take you....

When I started college, it seemed  like I had everything figured out. It felt as if the world was just meant for me and my time. I was never considerate of anyone else.

Reality checks are not as bad as everyone thinks.

My reality check set in, when I started to build real relationships with people. When I say real relationships, I mean the type of relationship that is based on compromise and built on life experiences together. My previous relationship are still important to me but they were not as much work.

When I started to have co-workers criticize my work ethics, my friends criticized my personal ethics, and my romantic relationship constantly failing. I knew it was time for change. I knew that my I need to start to develop myself and my surroundings.

Throughout college I constantly changed my group of friends or people I surrounded myself because constantly I was changing. I wanted to be around people I knew were changing  or was helping  push for a change. It would seem I was always trying something new, or getting involved with something completely different.

Everytime someone would talk to me I would be involved with something completely different. This would bother many of my friends and my family, but it was okay with me. I knew I was just trying something and if I liked it enough it would stick.

My point is that is fine  not to know what you want. Even if you feel like your lost, you will find yourself. Its has never been about where you are,but about where your going. If life is changing, than that means so will you.