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Monday, July 20, 2015

What jewelry piece should be in your closet

The winner is....the Stud Earring

Crystal  Stud  Earring

Stud earrings are very important to building a versatile jewelry wardrobe. They can turn any outfit very chic or they can make any outfit very casual.
The best stud earrings are rhodium-plated  or stainless steels. The great thing about  stud earring is that they come in different shapes, patterns,designs and metals.

Classic stud earring

My own personal  favorite  stud are the classic pearl studs because I feel like they bring a certain elegance to an outfit.
 The best classic stud earring should be a decent stainless steel because it's non-corresive.This  entails that it will last longer. These are great for any type of formal gathering or elegant  event.

Building a new wardrobe is very exciting,but it doesn't have to be expensive.  Check out the jewelry store