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Monday, October 26, 2015

Life lesson: How to focus

Photo Credit: Michi Moore. 


Inspirations can come  from the very simplest thing. It might come from seeing a very expensive purse on Instagram or it might come from a conversation you hear in class. My inspiration comes from the simplest things. I was watching a youtube video about minimalism. The idea is to only keep the things that you actually will use and to get rid of all the things that can cause a distraction. 

Living an era where there is so much to do and not enough time, I always contemplate how much time I am wasting. I chose minimalism because I rather run a race toward happiness than to walk in line with penguins. 

 With so many different type of lifestyle out there, what is yours?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lets talk about financial freedom

           While most of you know, being in college and having   financial freedom is alot more complicated than it seems. It would stand that most will say its nearly impossible. From my own experiences I do not think of it as impossible, but as a struggling goal.

See many of us do not know how money works or understand the foundation to be financially free. The bottom line its just your income minus your expenses. Whatever you have leftover shows you how "free" you really are.

One of the problems is that people like to spend more money than what they bring in. For example if your only making $2,000 a month, but you are spending $3,000 a month than you have a problem. You have to live within your means. This means that savings is very important

Many people will ask well how do I live within my means when I am living paycheck to paycheck. The most simple answer is that  you have to become more of a conscious spender. Writing down everything you spend your money on, will allow you to keep a more accurate budget. If you know what your spending most of your money on, ,it allows you to figure a way to cut cost.

Another problem people have is handling their debts. There is such a negative connotation for debt, but in reality there are somethings that debt is good for. For example, when you are trying to build credit, you have to go into debt, to show that you are good with keeping up with payments. The problems is that people allow their debt to control their lives and sometimes feel overwhelmed about what they owe. This leads them to stop paying their debt, which can build on interest. It always a great idea to try to tackle as much as possible even if it seem like too much.

The last problem that has been brought up to my attention is investments. This could be either things you spend your money on or things you put your money into. Many people will go out and by something expensive, not realizing that they are only making the brand richer. They will invest their money into business opportunities that were not fully sure about, and lose more money than they gain. These are all investment. Don't get me wrong sometimes it does take alot to run a business, and its totally fine to support a brand that you love. My point is that people do this unconciously and spend way more money than they need too. So my advice is to really look into what your putting your money into and what your really trying to get out of it.

Well I am not a financial expert, but I am a financially stable college student. I just wanted to share some tips that I use for my day to day.