Saturday, February 20, 2016

My Top Five... in this years Spring Collection.

If you have seen my Instagram feed, you will know how excited I am for this spring collection.  From the pretty gold to pastel colors this collection has something for every type of fashionista.

 AVENTINE.  is absolutely  stunning because of it's antique gold plating. There are ten pieces in this collection and five of those pieces are convertable, so the possibilities are endless. My favorite is the statement necklace because it could go great with  light colors or a soft black shirt .  This collection is mostly made of Semi-precious howlite, black diamonds, clear white and opal crystals.  

PORTICO: screams out softness. There are eleven pieces and four of them are convertable. These pieces are great with bright pastel colors. This collection is made up of  .  semi-precious marbled pale blue and  white stone, white enamel, clear crystal pavĂ©, ivory painted chain.

TREVI :  is great for the person who  is interested into a more europhic feeling There is six pieces and three  convertible  pieces. These pieces are best complimented with light color or pale blues. There is antique gold  and rhodium  plated and the pieces are Swarovski pacific opal  and golden shadow crystal, gold leaf, jet aqua, jet black resin, champagne, and clear crystal pave.

DOLCE:  can be compared to designs in Alice in Wonderland. There are five pieces and only one convertible piece in this collection  They are plated with antique gold. These pieces are a mix of  jet black resin, light pink, white opals and  clear crystal pave.

Belle Fiore 
BELLA FIORE:  is my favorite collection because it's mostly composed of rose colored stones. There are eight pieces and two convertible pieces. Most of the jewels can be worn with any type of bright pastel colors. The color scheme is  rose,serenity blue and  champagne crystal mix, pearlized  ivory resin

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