Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Five tips for finals week

This year I decided to handle my finals week a little bit differently. In the past I would blow up my social media with how much I hated finals week and swear never to go through it again. I would cry, almost have heart attack, and than promise to do better next year. So lets just say its never ending cycle and I really never do better. So like many of college peers, I feel procrastination is apart of the college cycle. With all that being said,  I am here to give you my five tips for finals week...

1. Accept it. I am not talking about just accepting the grade, I am actually talking about accepting that finals is here and that this week is going to be stressful. Don't pay attention to the fact that you are in finals week, pay attention to your classes individually

2. Be proactive. I mean if your failing a class, don't just sit there and hope to get a hundred percent on your final. Talk to your teacher ahead of time and ask is there any possible way to fix your grade. Talk to your advisor about what your options are about the class. If you have a scholarship to worry about, than talk to your financial aid office. You can always appeal your grade, if you truly feel that your were more than qualify for a better grade. Know your options

3. Study. Do not cram. Analyze how much information and what is important information to know. Again do not cram, because your going to overwhelm yourself and most likely forget everything instead of learning what you need to know. 

4. Staying free, During finals week you should keep your schedule empty. That way you have enough time to really study.

My final tip is to breathe. Everything has an end, so don't quit until you have put your all into it. Those are my top tips for finals week, please feel free to share your tips as well. The more we know the more we grow.  

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