Sunday, May 25, 2014

Change (inspirational post)

It sort of funny, what directioin life can take you....

When I started college, it seemed  like I had everything figured out. It felt as if the world was just meant for me and my time. I was never considerate of anyone else.

Reality checks are not as bad as everyone thinks.

My reality check set in, when I started to build real relationships with people. When I say real relationships, I mean the type of relationship that is based on compromise and built on life experiences together. My previous relationship are still important to me but they were not as much work.

When I started to have co-workers criticize my work ethics, my friends criticized my personal ethics, and my romantic relationship constantly failing. I knew it was time for change. I knew that my I need to start to develop myself and my surroundings.

Throughout college I constantly changed my group of friends or people I surrounded myself because constantly I was changing. I wanted to be around people I knew were changing  or was helping  push for a change. It would seem I was always trying something new, or getting involved with something completely different.

Everytime someone would talk to me I would be involved with something completely different. This would bother many of my friends and my family, but it was okay with me. I knew I was just trying something and if I liked it enough it would stick.

My point is that is fine  not to know what you want. Even if you feel like your lost, you will find yourself. Its has never been about where you are,but about where your going. If life is changing, than that means so will you.

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