Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More than one color say what?

As many of you know, my favorite color changes with my mood, but when I have a favorite color than that is my color. I want to see it with everything, so yesterday I hit a snag. I was putting my outfit of the day together and I had too many colors. I found two pieces that I loved,which where two different colors, but than I fell in love with a completely different colors .

 I stood their in my pajamas staring at my computer screen with a challenged facial expression, trying to figure our  if I could really pull this look off.

Ladies and gents, when you have a question, the best thing you could do is... Google it. That is exactly what I did to fix my fashion fiasco. After this event I decided to give  the exact answer to this style debacle

When you mix two or three different color together it is called Color Blocking. Color Blocking has been a big hit this year.  What is really cool is that it can even be mix with different patterns. Now I know, some people are asking, is there any special technique to do it. I only know of three, that I particularly like. 


             The first one is matching different shade Which means you wear the same color but you where different shades of that color . The example is this one is that it is all blue but different shades of blue. This look is great, especially if you have different patterns. 

Color blocking set #2

The second look is a bright color with darker color.

This helps if you are trying to keep attention of certain areas. if you don't like your legs or thighs, than you can wear a bright top and that will  focus more on your top. You can switch it up with any color, if you like, now to my all time favorite technique...
Color block#3

My all time favorite technique is Mix-Matching.

 I love using different color, it makes you seem brighter and pops out more. I especially love when mixing pastel color because it gives such a positive vibe. 

What is your favorite look and how do you use the Color Blocking technique. Leave a comment below and if you would like to get more in your email than you can subscribe. Also feel free to contact me at the links below.

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